Care of a baby. Area and Time

ChildUsually massotherapy is done after a reasonable shower or every day before serving. Keep in mind that children freeze faster adults, how pick a warmest apartment in the house. Prepare in advance a place, like a changing desk. At a fingertips should be a special butter and heartwarming diaper.But do not start a massage if you are nervous or tired. A child will feel it rightly away. So first strive to disconnect with a unpleasant thoughts. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. Items for balneum babies

NewbornThe third - a means for bath babies. Absolutely can not use anti-bacterial agents - It is possible to disturb a organic microflora of a face and stimulate a growth of serious diseases. According to dermatologists, and traditional strongly soap, which has a reputation for great cleanser, a extremely negative capacity on a sensitive skin of a baby.Why is this happening? On human skin has a protective film, which is frequently referred to so hydrolipidic mantle. That it does not allow the sun, wind, water and other aggressive external factors possess a negative capacity on the skin. In children, this protective film is much thin. Organic acidity level (pH) newborn face, wherein the protective film is normally performs its function, is 5.5, while highly gentle and moistened solid soap active component is in a range from 7 to 10.Alkaline substances contained in a ordinary soap, neutralize or destroy the organic pH level of the skin, in other words, "wash" a film that creates a barrier bacteria. Читать полностью -->

Baby leaving. How a lot of infants porridge every day?

NewbornIt is important that children receive adequate quantity of cereal (rice) per day, respectively, the average special consumption rates. So, however this amount will be distributed throughout a time, depending on a appetite of a child's tasting preferences (preferably variant).Newborn 6 months - 150 grams porridge;Newborn 43 weeks - 180 grams;Children 9-12 months - 200 grams;For infants 12 weeks and older - 200-300 g of porridge.After a year you can give a child cereal 1-TWO times a day. Ever important middle ground: how would the kid or loved cereal, crackers and fresh bread, feed it to these items, at least, is improperly.A presence of a big number of grain ration promotes a intake of excess carbohydrates child, which can enjoy effects on a aging body proallergennoe and promote overweight.  Newborn. Like posts:Teething in infantsNewbornNewborn leaving. Alcohol and fresh-feedingNewbornMoms. Hardening of babiesNewborn. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Frequent feedings help to improve lactation

BabyFeed your newborn in close contact. Touch any other face, see a newborn's eyes. The tenderness and love that you keep for the child will help you to restore the rightly capacity of milk. Put a baby to the natural as frequently however possible - because demand creates supply!Monitor for proper baby takes a breast. Keep it up so that it touches a chest chin. A lower lip newborn want be slightly twisted outward and complete the top - see part of the areola.  Similar posts:Baby. Читать полностью -->

Frequent feedings help to improve lactation

BabyFeed your child in close contact. Touch any other facial skin, see your baby's skin eyes. A tenderness and love that you possess for the newborn will help you to restore a right amount of milk. Put the baby to the warm so often how possible - because demand creates supply!Monitor for proper child takes a breast. Keep it up however that it touches a chest chin. The lower lip newborn need be slightly twisted outward and complete the top - see part of a areola.  Moms. Читать полностью -->

To understand people

BabyStrangers are now calling cautious reaction. This is rule and even wonderful. Explain to a child, who has come to visit you. But guests must not pick up the crumbs on his hands before he is not with them, "met": visited, touched, done in a "security" of a stranger sitting at my mother's arms.When my mom there, baby is not afraid of strangers. But the exterior of a stranger in a time when a mum is not, it may cause a real tantrum. Such a reaction to strangers - a very great phase in the building of the child's mind. Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a baby. Formula courage to nursing

BabyTo speedily restore vitality properly to pick up three minutes every day (preferably before a meal) 1 teaspoonful A mix of four components: 300 grams of natural honey, grapefruit extract 4, 500 g walnuts (pre-crushed chalk) and 100 grams of aloe nectar (if you will "juice" the juice with a leaves of plants to a home, use the fleshy lower leaves, Thoroughly wash, dry and one day in a refrigerator), all nicely. If you are afraid of allergies, nuts, remove and replace a natural honey fructose.Vitamins for nursingMeal feeding woman 18 years old: VitaminMeal after childbirth: VitaminsVitamins: a dietary of lactating   Baby. Alike posts:Leaving of a baby. Child BabyNewbornChild. Night-feedingNewbornCare of a child. Fall thin hair following childbirthChild. Читать полностью -->

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